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Who we are and what we’re excited about this quarter.

Q4 Product Features

Volvo Trucks has a long tradition of enhancing the value we deliver to our customers, starting with your initial purchase and continuing throughout the life of your truck. When you’re faced with downtime, choosing the parts that fit your specific vehicle and situation can minimize downtime for years to come.

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Genuine Volvo parts specifically built and tested to meet exact Volvo manufacturing standards.

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Genuine Volvo parts that have been remanufactured back to original OEM specifications, complete with the most recent engineering upgrades.


The value alternative for OEM and vendor parts, designed to fit all makes and models of trucks.


Offering quality remanufactured, renovated, and recycled parts for all makes of medium and heavy duty trucks.

Volvo Genuine Radiators

Volvo Genuine Filtration

All Volvo Genuine filtration units are part of Volvo’s integrated system of components, which - all together - offer peak performance for your engine and truck(s). Every Volvo Genuine filter is engineered to meet Volvo’s exact manufacturing tolerances so that you can feel confident in the truck’s longevity and performance. Volvo Genuine’s superior filtration solutions outperform low-cost third-party alternatives because our filters are made specifically for Volvo trucks and nothing else. Why risk excessive wear and unnecessary downtime? Volvo Genuine filtration keeps customers driving forward.

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Volvo Genuine Radiators

Road Choice Collision Parts

It’s no secret that the winter season often leads to more collisions on roadways and job sites. With Road Choice’s extensive line of collision parts, you’ll be prepared with the parts that are commonly damaged, including bumpers, fenders, grilles & grille guards, mirrors, windshields, radiators, and more!

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Volvo  Genuine Charge Air Coolers

DEX Surplus Parts

In a time of high surplus, DEX Surplus parts broaden gives you more options. Surplus parts are in new condition and sold without a core charge. This offering includes Mack, Volvo and vendor parts. Spread across several parts categories, there are many opportunities to add value for your business. New parts are received daily and added to in real time.

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