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Who we are and what we’re excited about this quarter.

Q4 Product Features

Volvo Trucks has a long tradition of enhancing the value we deliver to our customers, starting with your initial purchase and continuing throughout the life of your truck. When you’re faced with downtime, choosing the parts that fit your specific vehicle and situation can minimize downtime for years to come.

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Genuine Volvo parts specifically built and tested to meet exact Volvo manufacturing standards.

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Genuine Volvo parts that have been remanufactured back to original OEM specifications, complete with the most recent engineering upgrades.


The value alternative for OEM and vendor parts, designed to fit all makes and models of trucks.


Offering quality remanufactured, renovated, and recycled parts for all makes of medium and heavy duty trucks.

Volvo Genuine Radiators

Volvo Genuine Radiators

Modern engines place high demands on cooling systems, and cooling systems play a critical role in keeping engines running at maximum power and efficiency. When it comes to the radiator and related parts, there’s a Volvo Genuine solution for every replacement need or problem no matter the application. Choosing a Volvo Genuine radiator eliminates compromises to your truck’s cooling package in terms of durability, reliability, and performance.

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Volvo  Genuine Expansion Tanks

Road Choice Air Disc Brakes

Road Choice Air Disc Brakes offer a quality solution for trucks and trailers equipped with disc brakes, meeting the demanding challenges and performance standards faced by heavy-duty tractors, trucks and trailers. Due to the greater longevity of ADB components vs. drum brakes, vehicles equipped with ADB can offer maintenance related savings of up to 30% for the lifetime of the vehicle. Quickly becoming standard equipment for most Class 8 trucks, air disc brakes offer improved safety, performance and Total Cost of Ownership.

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Volvo  Genuine Charge Air Coolers

DEX Surplus Parts

DEX Surplus parts are in new condition and sold without warranty at a discounted price point. Consisting of an ever-changing inventory that includes Volvo applications as well as vendor parts, act quickly to take advantage of this offering.

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