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Every few months we focus on a different product line and cover everything we offer for that product, across our brands and partners. Right now, we are focusing on Shock absorbers- click below to learn more about our full offering

Volvo Trucks has a long tradition of enhancing the value we deliver to our customers, starting with your initial purchase and continuing throughout the life of your truck. When you’re faced with downtime, choosing the parts that fit your specific vehicle and situation can minimize downtime for years to come.

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Genuine Volvo parts specifically built and tested to meet exact Volvo manufacturing standards.

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Genuine Volvo parts that have been remanufactured back to original OEM specifications, complete with the most recent engineering upgrades.


The value alternative for OEM and vendor parts, designed to fit all makes and models of trucks.


Offering quality remanufactured, renovated, and recycled parts for all makes of medium and heavy duty trucks.

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Road Choice

Road Choice® has over 50 product lines to serve the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket marketplace with reliable parts for all makes and models of trucks. Our shock absorbers are manufactured using quality components, precision engineering and a durable, robust design that ensures top performance throughout the life of the part and reduces wear and tear on other costly suspension parts.

Volvo Genuine Radiators


Meritor® heavy-duty shock absorbers are highly engineered to enhance shock life and provide ride comfort. They are designed to meet the needs of today’s fleet customers for long-lasting road feel and driver comfort.

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Monroe® is the technician’s most preferred shocks and struts brand because they understand that not every vehicle is the same. With products locally designed and tested to strict performance and durability standards specific to vehicle ride and handling profiles, Monroe products are Built Different with the technician in mind for easy installation, proven performance, and reduced customer comebacks.

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SACHS ZF has a 100+ year track record of technological and quality leadership in addition to one of the largest shock and strut manufacturing bases in the world. We’ve partnered with SACHS to be the first fit shock absorber on our new Volvo trucks. Knowing that shocks are critical in the performance and ride of any commercial vehicle, SACHS designs quality shocks with durability, reliability, and performance to enhance the ride and give the shock a longer life.