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Every few months we focus on a different product line and cover everything we offer for that product, across our brands and partners. Right now, we are focusing on Air Springs - click below to learn more about our full offering

Air Springs

Volvo Trucks has a long tradition of enhancing the value we deliver to our customers, starting with your initial purchase and continuing throughout the life of your truck. When you’re faced with downtime, choosing the parts that fit your specific vehicle and situation can minimize downtime for years to come.

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Genuine Volvo parts specifically built and tested to meet exact Volvo manufacturing standards.

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Genuine Volvo parts that have been remanufactured back to original OEM specifications, complete with the most recent engineering upgrades.


The value alternative for OEM and vendor parts, designed to fit all makes and models of trucks.


Offering quality remanufactured, renovated, and recycled parts for all makes of medium and heavy duty trucks.

Air Springs Offerings


Volvo Genuine

Volvo Genuine Air Springs are high-quality components designed specifically for heavy-duty trucks. They feature a durable and airtight rubber bladder filled with compressed air, providing excellent shock absorption and stability. These air springs enhance driving comfort by minimizing vibrations and road impacts, while also reducing wear on other suspension parts. With their ability to maintain proper ride height and optimize tire contact, Volvo Genuine Air Springs contribute to improved traction, control, and overall safety for heavy-duty truck applications.

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Road Choice

Road Choice® Air Springs are designed for safety and comfort. Built from lightweight, high-strength materials of the highest quality, our air springs are designed using advanced engineering practices for optimum performance and durability while still offering low-cost operation. Road Choice offers multiple air spring designs including rolling lobe, sleeve, and convoluted. Covering applications in seat, cab, suspension, and lift axles, Road Choice provides a quiet ride and less vibration for trucks, cabs, and trailers.



Hendrickson is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of medium and heavy-duty mechanical, elastomeric, and air suspensions; integrated and non-integrated axle and brake systems; tire pressure control systems; auxiliary lift axle systems; parabolic and multi-leaf springs; stabilizers; bumpers; and components to the global commercial transportation industry.

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Meritor, Inc. is a leading global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking, aftermarket, and electric powertrain solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial markets. With more than a 110-year legacy of providing innovative products that offer superior performance, efficiency, and reliability, the company serves commercial truck, trailer, off-highway, defense, specialty, and aftermarket customers around the world. Meritor is based in Troy, Michigan, United States, and is made up of more than 8,600 diverse employees who apply their knowledge and skills in manufacturing facilities, engineering centers, joint ventures, distribution centers, and global offices in 19 countries.

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Goodyear is a leader in the air spring market with a strong global reputation, offering best-in-class performance, quality, and dependability. Our heritage is traced back to the 1950s when we invented the Rolling Lobe Air Spring, the most popular air spring used in the commercial vehicle industry. With decades of industry-specific service and knowledge, Infinity Engineered Products/Goodyear Air Springs are engineered and built with the highest quality materials using only the best manufacturing and testing protocols to consistently deliver trusted products that exceed performance expectations for our customers’ ever-changing mission-critical industries.

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Triangle (US Only)

Distributed by TRIANGLE, the Continental ContiTech product is one of the largest and most respected names in the air spring business worldwide. As a supplier to major OEMs, ContiTech has the research and development expertise to engineer world-class products.  This gives customers the assurance that the ContiTech air springs that TRIANGLE delivers will always achieve the maximum value mile after mile.

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Firestone (CA Only)

For over 80 years, Firestone has been a pioneer in innovative solutions for heavy-duty trucks. With a strong emphasis on reducing noise, vibration, and harshness, Firestone continues to evolve its solutions to remain relevant and effective in this demanding industry. Trust in Firestone Air Springs, built on a legacy of excellence, to deliver advanced technology and superior performance specifically tailored for heavy-duty trucks.